We are proud to say that corporate video is one of our specialties, having filmed hundreds. In fact, we are award-winners in this arena. The reason for our success is that we understand the key features that make for a painless production experience, resulting in an awesome end product. Our videography teams, with their wealth of experience, understand how to minimize disruption on location, while achieving incredible results. On the pre-production and conceptualization front, we fully understand that every organization has a specific need to serve and that all of the creativity we invest must be in the service of this need, whether this is increased sales, vital education, training, or anything in between. Our position at the intersection of art and marketing perhaps shines most brilliantly with the work that we do in the corporate videography sphere.


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Mix It Up Media is a full-service video production company based in the west Texas area, and servicing clients all around Texas, the USA and other countries.