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We're more than just a video camera and some editing. We're story tellers!



Greg is the lead videographer, editor, and founder of Mix It Up Media. He grew up in the DFW area of Texas. He loves sports and being active. One of Greg's gifts is that he is dyslexic. Because of his dyslexia, Greg has found a way to use his talents to help others look at things differently. Greg grew up going to the movies with his mom in the summers and has always been very intrigued by how video captures an audience, how it moves a person, and how it can stand the test of time.   During his time at Angelo State University, he found a way to use his talents and his love for video to help others tell their stories with the power of video. And thus, Mix It Up Media was born. Greg enjoys road trips with his wife (Codi) and dog (Sammy), cold brew coffee,  breaking out into random dance moves, watching movies, One Direction, and helping with his church youth group.


Codi is Greg's wife and works super hard behind the scenes to keep the business running smoothly for everyone. She grew up in the small, west Texas town of Haskell. Codi works hard behind the scenes on scheduling, contacting clients, social media outreach, and secondary video-work. Codi is also a math instructor at Angelo State University, which has been her dream since she was a little girl, and she loves it. Her organizational skills help keep projects on schedule and help make sure clients are completely informed during every stage of the creative process. 


Mary is an intern for the semester, helping Greg in organization and behind the scenes work with his projects. She is a senior at Angelo State University pursuing a double major in Accounting and Marketing. Mary was born and raised in Abilene in a family of seven children. She is excited to help Mix It Up Media continue to grow and help the city of San Angelo. Hobbies of hers include hanging out with friends, cooking, swimming, and watching movies. She loves visiting home often to see her family and playing with her two nephews.



Sammy is our fun-loving dog. He is a Border Collie-Lab mix. Sammy enjoys sleeping while Greg edits videos in the office, loves riding in the truck, enjoys walks in the evenings, and especially loves his Friday morning "puppuccino" from Starbucks.  He brings us a lot of joy and excitement every day. There is always something happening with him. If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram, you will be sure to see posts about Sammy and what new place/position he has found for his naps. 




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Mix It Up Media is a full-service video production company based in the west Texas area, and servicing clients all around Texas, the USA and other countries.